What’s in a Word Template?

We work closely with your design agency to recreate their concepts within a new Word template. We build in the layouts and styles, so the template will save you considerable time and effort and ensure that new documents convey your corporate image.

If you are likely to be repeating a particular activity many times while working on your documents, we may suggest automating the activity (see What Are Macros?) to save time and to ensure that the activity is carried out uniformly. Good examples of this would be inserting a large number of photographs into a report, and summarising the data in a collection of tables in your document.

Word Templates

Word Template Case Study

In a recent Word project, we built a template for an Auckland-based design agency which specified the layouts of the various sections and defined the paragraph styles. The document content was to be built up by inserting blocks of formatted text and then adding details of test results, so we automated the process of selecting and inserting the blocks and then added further code to summarise the test results graphically and in tables. This drastically reduced the time taken to create the content and generally made for a much more user friendly template.

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