Our MS Office Template Services



We’ll take designs and layouts from your design agency and build them into MS Word templates, ready for use on your system.

We have many years of experience with Word, so we are also happy to advise design agencies on ways to make templates more robust and user‑friendly.



If you need a Powerpoint template or a complete presentation, we can build it for you.

Send us your designs for a quote.



We can create Excel templates with whatever formulae you want already embedded. Templates can be formatted and laid out to suit your needs. If you need an editable report from your spreadsheet, we can program it to send data to a Word document.

Document Assembly

If you routinely assemble new documents by copying and pasting blocks of text and graphics from library documents, you’ll know how labour-intensive and time-consuming it can be. We can offer systems which will drastically reduce the time required by enabling you to build a list of components which are then compiled into the final document. The components can range from as small as a sentence to whole sub-documents. Typical applications would be:

  • Contracts
  • Training materials
  • Test procedures
  • Reports
  • Catalogues and lists.

See our Automated Document Building page for details.

Technical Documentation

spiral-10058136We have extensive experience in writing documents. We can assist you with:

  • Manuals
  • User Guides
  • Catalogues and Lists.

– also:

  • Document Editing and Restructuring
  • Document Reformatting and Styling. If you have a collection of documents that need reformatting, we can advise on possible methods and undertake the work if you wish.

Enhancing Office Applications

Custom functions can be added to each of the MS Office applications to streamline the way you work with them. This might mean reducing a long sequence of keystrokes to a single click or it might mean adding a unique new function, specifically designed for your needs. Our goal is to make the applications easier and quicker to use, saving you time, effort and money.

Extending & Integrating Office Applications

When you need a bit more than any one of the Office applications can provide on its own, you may need to look at an integrated solution to your problem. For instance, Excel is fine for crunching numbers and Access is great for processing records but neither is capable of producing an editable report.

We can integrate these applications with MS Word so that your data can be formatted and edited in any way you wish. The output from an integrated system could be a single document containing a summary of your data, or it could be a complete set of documents, or it could even be a file containing data in an entirely different format. (See our Case Studies page for examples.)

In summary, we can program the Office applications to carry out more or less any task or sequence of tasks you might need to perform. The operation will be fast, accurate and repeatable, built around the way you work to cause minimal disruption.


  1. All of our customisation code is written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the programming language underlying all of the MS Office applications. The code can be modified by anyone familiar with the language.
  2. A User Guide will always accompany any template or system we build which contains non‑standard functions.

AccessMS Access Services

We build Access databases which enable you to manage large amounts of data. Thousands of records can be sorted, filtered, summarised and reported in seconds. In addition, we can write custom code which will modify and extend the standard set of Access functions to suit your needs and the way you work. By linking Access to MS Word, we can even produce editable reports.

And what we don’t do…

We are MS Windows-based. We have found that Word templates, with styles and layouts, can generally be used on Macs successfully. However, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program code written on a PC will very often cause problems when you try to run it on a Mac. For this reason, we don’t offer to automate Mac templates.

We are happy to check through your designs/layouts to form an idea of how easy a template will be to use. If we foresee any problems, we will explain them to you and advise you of possible workarounds. Depending on the likely usage of the template, we may suggest ways of making it easier to use. However, we are not a graphic design agency and we don’t offer any design services.

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