Automated Word Document Building

Would you like to be able to create new Word documents just by selecting content from your own standard text, tables and graphics building blocks?

We can build you a system which will enable you to assemble a complex document in seconds – literally.

  • The system will be custom built for the way you work, rather than an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution which forces you to change your working practices.
  • Document components can be selected from lists and re-ordered as necessary.
  • Headings, tables, figures, etc will be numbered automatically by Word.
  • Key information such as client names, dates, project names, etc, can be echoed as required throughout the document.
  • Photographs can be imported, scaled and formatted automatically.
  • Text will be formatted automatically.
  • The Table of Contents will be generated automatically.
  • The output file is a fully-editable Word document.
  • There will be virtually no copying-and-pasting for you to do.
  • The structures of complex documents can be stored in a database in case you need to recreate them at some point.
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